Chairman Rose

Welcome to Rose Tower, a small fan page for Chairman Rose from Pokémon Sword and Shield!

He's my favorite antagonist in the series because I respect his jog-dad attire and the confidence it takes to dress like that in public.


From Bulbapedia:

Rose (Japanese: ローズ Rose) is the president of Macro Cosmos and the chairman of the Galar Pokémon League. He was the first person to endorse Leon as a Champion, and is also currently sponsoring Bede's Gym Challenge. He also designed and developed the metropolis of Wyndon, which houses the headquarters for both the Galar Pokémon League and Macro Cosmos.

As a Steel-type trainer, his team consists of an Escavalier, Ferrothorn, Perrserker, Klingklang, and Copperajah.


Unless it's Giovanni, hardly any Pokémon antagonists see merchandise beyond trading cards and other flat items.

I'm going to make a resin kit of him one day, mark my words.

Supporter cards from Darkness Ablaze and a can badge. Joy.
I haven't gotten his rainbow rare yet.